Thursday, 9 April 2009

form development

When I decided on the final form of the Encourage Medal, I had to work out how it could be made. It would need to be small enough to still be able to be used as a medal, while still fitting all the electronics inside it. The medal would work like a pager, the explorer would need a satellite phone to allow them to receive messages through the medal. An oled screen would be used as it is small and has a bright display that can be easily read in all conditions.
I made a concept model to see how the medal would work and look. It was far too big so I had to rethink my plan and ensure that the Encourage medal could be made small enough so it would not annoy the explorer when they were wearing it.
I have also created a make tutorial, this describes how to use styrene and what I did to make the main body of my model with it. It can be found at:

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