Saturday, 8 November 2008

100 ideas

The results of my cultural probe packs and photos the users took allowed me to generate over 100 ideas. These range from interactive jewellery to allow you to display meanings and stories behind your tattoos, public art posters that use a touchscreen so anyone can draw on them, to piano doorbells that let visitors to play their own tune and stamps on the bottom of everyones hands with their signature to avoid it being forged. The interests and lifestyles of un-tattooed people helped me generate ideas such as, weather forecasting garden pebbles and networked photo frames that let you write hand-written messages to friends and family.

tattoo inspiration


I love looking up tattoos on the internet and in books and finding new, inspiring tattoo artists such as Alex de Pase. I currently have three tattoos (soon to be more) which I have drawn myself. Finding new artists inspires me to draw more and shows people who judge the tattooed that tattoos are more than just ink. 

insights board

Getting the results back from my cultural probe packs allowed me to take various insights. These included, "people are scared of the permanence of tattoos, people worry about the pain, meanings behind tattoos can be misread, people can be judgmental about who a tattooed person is and what they represent, can be seen as self-indulgent and vain, can be used to express passions and believes and people can have similar lifestyles but differing views on tattoos." 
These insights, along with photos taken by the people who took part in the cultural probe, helped me generate my 100 ideas...

cultural probe results

I created cultural probe packs for tattoo artists, people being tattooed and un-tattooed people and got back some interesting results! A tattooed wooden manikin, face paint tattoos drawn on people and a variety of opinions. Tattoos were described as "foolish vanity" and an expression of "art and your interests". In general though, un-tattooed people were concerned about not having the perfect design that they would be happy with for the rest of their lives. I also found that tattoos artists and people who get tattoos are passionate about them and most have stories and meanings behind them. However, these meanings can be distorted by others.