Wednesday, 24 December 2008

new project

We now have our new project for next semester. We were given the choice of three projects as part of the D&AD student awards 2009. I chose the brief to create a product for a contemporary antarctic explorer synonymous with the values of Fortnum & Mason. I chose this brief because it was different from anything I have done in the course before and presents many new challenges. I wanted to explore a brief that involves a subject that I am not very familiar with to give me a greater depth of knowledge in new areas.
I started by creating new cultural probes. In these, I included a label for the user to put on objects in their homes that they would miss if they were to go on an expedition, a chocolate bar with a question asking what luxuries they would take on an expedition and a map of the world for the user to mark the places they would like to visit and what they would take with them. I have handed out two packs to people who enjoy walking and visit different locations around the world. Now to wait for the results...

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